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Woman to

Saturday, November 2, 2024

To listen back to the session from 2023, click the button below. 

Woman to Woman is an annual one-day conference for women to spiritually recharge through fellowship, to be challenged by spiritually motivational speakers and to enjoy worshipful music.  

Keynote Speaker From 2023

Ashlee Johnson 2023_edited.jpg

"We’ll begin by examining one aspect of God’s character (He is the God who is present with us), and then we’ll discuss what His presence means for our renewed identities in Christ and how that shapes our daily lives."

Ashlee Johnson

Talk #1 Jehovah Shammah 

We’ll journey through the grand story of the Scriptures to examine the heart of God expressed in His unceasing desire and tenacity to be with His people. Stopping to pay particular attention to God’s design in the garden, the broken fellowship caused by sin, the provision of the sacrificial system, the incarnation of Christ, the miracle of Pentecost, and the promise of heaven, we’ll gain a clear picture of God’s heart for His people and the glories of His plan of rescue and redemption to bring us back into his presence. We’ll ponder how God has been present in our own stories and how He steadies and sustains us by His very presence, no matter our circumstances.  

Talk #2 Temples of the Holy Spirit

In our second time together we’ll double-click on what happened at Pentecost and then explore the profound reality that the Spirit of God has taken up residence within us as believers. We’ll discover that each time God built a place for His presence to dwell (the tabernacle, the first temple, and the second temple), He did so with enemy plunder. The same is true with our bodies — Christ has triumphed over Satan at the cross, plundering the Enemy, and has poured out His Holy Spirit into us. Primarily defining our bodies as the place wherein God dwells profoundly changes the way we view our physical beauty and brokenness.  

Mini-Sessions From 2023

Angie Knapp.jpg

We are told that parenting may be the hardest job we will ever do.  Plus, parenting today has unique challenges that were not encountered, or even imagined, by our parents and grandparents.  But... we have the Word of God, which never changes and is always relevant.  Come join us in looking at parenting principles from the Bible, along with creative ways to teach and grow our children or grandchildren.  

Angie Knapp

Parenting Your Future Adults  

Brandie and Lee.jpeg

Marriage is awesome, but it can be tricky to navigate sometimes. When you take two sinners with a past and some baggage, there are likely to be some challenges. We will take a look at what the Bible has to say about marriage and discuss some practical ways to honor the Lord in your marriage. Whether you’re thinking about getting married, are newly married, or are a seasoned veteran, this session is for you!

Brandie Roberts

Stop Blinking So Loud!!  

Cathy Willetts.jpg
Cathy Willetts
Mel Fullerton.jpg

What Do You Think? The Battle Between the Ears 

Our thoughts can hold us captive! Our thinking patterns can lead us in a spiral of discouragement, destruction, and defeat.  But we don’t have to stay there!! We can conquer our negative, harmful thoughts.  We can experience freedom rather than failure.  Join us as we see how God can give us victory in the battle for our minds. 

Mel Fullerton
Erin Shaw photo.jpg
Erin Shaw, EdD

Knowing Truth:
Biblical Answers to Worldly Questions 

Turning on the news and scanning social media can be a troublesome activity. We are constantly called upon to respond to and even to celebrate ideas that are so different from our own as Christians. How can we be prepared to face the current beliefs that our culture teaches? Together we will look at some of the common worldviews that challenge our Christian faith and will go to God's Word that has the answers for understanding the world around us. We can walk in strength and dignity in this world and smile at the future because we know the one true God.  

Jennifer Young pic.jpg
Jennifer Young

Who am I really?
(Double session for teens 12-16)

Young ladies, you are bombarded by so many conflicting messages. Teachers want you to learn and get good grades. Coaches want an athlete that is competitive and strong.  Social media says you need to change to be accepted.  Parents want the best for you and have rules you hate. This session is about you, who you are, and who you're supposed to be.   

Jillian Figley photo.jpg
Jillian Figley

The Bigger Picture: God’s Pursuit of the Lost and Our Invitation to Join Him 

Have you ever wondered why or how to share your faith?  Do you know the depth of God’s desire to bring those who are lost to Himself?  This session is designed to help us take a step back and look at Scripture as a whole, to see how God has been drawing all peoples to Himself, specifically from the call of Abraham to the present day.  In light of what we see God’s passion and strategy to be, we can learn what our role looks like in being His witnesses to the lost in our daily lives. 

Robin Price.jpg
Robin Price
Session Notes
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Investing in Lives, Mentoring Women, Intergenerational Relationships (Titus 2:3-5)  

Have you ever wished you had a mentor?  Have you felt led to be a mentor to a “younger” woman?  What does God say about this subject?  Many younger women, (or possibly women who are younger in their faith) are searching for a more mature believer they can connect with, and not just on social media!  How wonderful to find women who are further along in their journey and willing to invest time, energy, and prayer assisting those who are following in their footsteps. It’s beautiful to have someone to hold our hand through a difficult season, provide instruction in how to become a godly wife and mother, or deepen our relationship with our Savior. In this mini-session, we will explore the biblical requirements for mentoring as well as what fears or obstacles might stand in our way. We will then learn practical steps to help us find a mentor or a mentee to fulfill the directive in Titus 2.    

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