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At Calvary we purpose together to learn about God through His Word in order that we might grow in our knowledge and love for Him, becoming more like Christ as His disciples. Our adult classes are designed with this with mind.

Our classes meet weekly on Sundays at 9:15am in classrooms around our campus. There are several classes to choose from. Most classes are defined by age and situation in life, whether married with small children,  empty-nesters, not-so-young marrieds, etc. All classes teach the Bible as our standard for life and godliness. When you join us, the Welcome Center Team would love to help get you connected with a class that fits you!

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Bible Studies

There are several options being offered for both men and women. The topics vary with each Bible study. Some follow the course of a DVD and a workbook; some write down their own copy of Scripture. Others will focus on various topics within the Bible, but all serve as great opportunities for believers to meet together and grow in their knowledge of God through His Word.

As the seasons change, so also will our Bible study groups. The best way to get involved is to keep an eye on the Church calendar or contact the office and ask. Then, be ready to grow in your faith as you connect with other believers at Calvary.

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LIFE Groups

LIFE Groups are small groups that meet together monthly in area homes throughout the school year for the purpose of fellowship, prayer and service. This is a great way to show love for one another and for our community. Prayer is at the center of the groups. When prayer is made a more significant part of the Christian life, our perspective on the world can become closer to God's perspective on the world. We will look on people with Christ's compassion only when we share Christ's heart for people, and that is greatly accomplished through prayer for one another.

If you'd like to find out more information or join a LIFE Group meeting near you, sign up below! We will get you connected as soon as possible!

Loving one another 
Focused on prayer
Engaging our community

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