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Mini sessions

Guilt. Blame. Regret. Shame.

Stephanie Rood

Could’ve…Should’ve…Would’ve….  What if? If only! We all have those moments, hours, days, months, even years. If we could just have a re-do or a do-over. Maybe it’s just words spoken that you can never take back or thoughts that won’t leave your mind. Our choices and their repercussions, the consequences of our words or actions, or even the results of the choices that someone else has made have left us tired...tainted…broken. BUT in and through our brokenness GOD’s Glory can shine brighter than we ever dreamed possible. In Christ, be the Opal in this cubic zirconia world. 

Worth More

Lauran LaBelle

In a mixed-up world driven by social media and broken people, it's hard for us to find our identity, let alone our beauty. In this session we'll dig into what the Bible teaches us about self-worth, beauty, and how to navigate this broken world. Also, Biblical instruction on how to encourage the young women around you in a way that brings glory to God and reminds them they are "Worth More" than jewels in the sight of the Lord. 

Becoming Holy; A look into the Book of Numbers

Lindy Pachlhofer

God desires to dwell with His people but in order for us to dwell with Him we must be 'made' Holy, through Jesus. 1 Peter 1:15-16 "be Holy in all your conduct, since it is written, 'You shall be Holy for I am Holy." We will be looking through the book of Numbers and see how serious God is about Holiness and why He demands Holiness in our lives. We will discover the beauty of God's love for us and learn some Bible History in the process. 

The Art of Encouragement

Angie Sanborn

What is encouragement?  How does God use it in our lives, and how can we glorify Him in building others up, as well?  Encouragement may be a simple act, but it is a God-given ministry!  Come join us and let's explore some of the ways we can practice this gift and love each other as Jesus commanded. 

End Times... What does that mean?

Kandy Norton

Have you ever wondered what the phrase “end times” means? Come join us as we take a look at scripture to define some of the words that we hear today. Rapture? Tribulation? 70 weeks? How do current events in our world today fit in with prophecy found in scripture? What does God’s word say about these questions? Come, study with us and see. 

Aging is a Part of Life

Heather Barthauer

Knowing how to care for our parents and loved ones with grace and honor is a privilege. God has promised He will supply all our needs and sustain us through every situation. Through personal testimony and Biblical support this session will help you gain knowledge on how to care for those you love when age is on the incline or health is on the decline. Join me as we dig into God’s Word. 

Main Sessions with Carla

W2W-Main Session #1-Carla Gasser
W2W-Main Session #2-Carla Gasser

Mini Session Recordings

"Guilt. Blame. Regret. Shame." -Stephanie Rood
"Worth More" -Lauran LaBelle
"Becoming Holy; A look into the Book of Numbers- Lindy Pachlhofer
"The Art of Encouragement"- Angie Sanborn
"End Times...What does that mean?" -Kandy Norton
"Aging is a Part of Life"- Heather Barthauer

Conference Schedule

Check-In & Morning Refreshments begin at 8:00am
Welcome/Book Spotlight
Keynote Speaker
Lunch Provided at 11:00am - 12:20pm
Breakout Session
Break / Snack
Breakout Session
Praise & Worship
Keynote Speaker
Closing 3:20pm - 3:30pm

More Info...

This is a special day designed for you. Please do not bring infants or young children as we do not have facilities set up for them, and we want you and others to be able to focus and enjoy the day. Thank you for your help in this area.
Our BOOK NOOK will be open during the day. Cash, checks and credit cards will be accepted.
If you have any questions, please email Calvary Baptist Church at or call the church office at (937) 599-4775.