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Welcome to Woman to Woman Conference

a ladies' discipleship event every November's first Saturday

2020 W2W Conference Update

Woman 2 Woman 2019 Audio

Main Sessions- Rachel Wojo

Rachel Wojo is speaking on Strength for the Journey, based on her book One More Step. “When life gets hard and you are ready to throw in the towel, something more than your own strength has to pick you up from the pit. This spiritually encouraging talk causes audiences to laugh and cry in the same setting while giving the listener simple steps to being an overcomer, even when they feel overwhelmed.”

Main Session #1
Mini Sessions

The Woman 2 Woman Conference had six different mini sessions about various topics with speaker; Audrey Wells, Patty Carter, Esther Tyler, Holly King, Linda Norton, and Dave and Tracy Sellars.

Joy and Delight of My Heart- Audrey Wells

Mini Sessions

Joy & Delight of My Heart, Jeremiah 15:16
Audrey Wells
Are you seeking answers to life's problems, trying to combat the world's agenda or just desiring to know God on a more intimate level? God has given us everything we need for life and godliness through the true knowledge of Himself (2 Peter 1:3). Come learn some inductive study techniques, interact personally with the Scriptures, and let His truth transform you so that you are complete and equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16,17).
Does God Need to Burst Your Bubble?
Patty Carter
Home? Christian School/College? Church? Are one of these or somewhere else the "bubble" you live in, protected from the world? God wants us to share His love wherever and with whomever      He has us cross paths with. Come listen to Patty in a coffee conversation as she shares how God has used her in daily-living ministry outside her  bubble.

Recognizing Yourself as the Prodigal's Older Brother
Esther Tyler
God has forced me, as both the older sister and younger sister—as well as the mother of prodigals, to look at my own heart and recognize that it is not as different as I thought. How does self-righteousness hinder our relationship with the Father, as well as with the prodigal? How do we recognize this insidious sin and work toward restoration both vertically with God and horizontally with our "brother"?
Dealing With Differences
David & Tracy Sellars
Do you feel that you and your husband are "missing" each other? Trying to communicate, but not being heard? Do you know the root cause of the state your marriage is in - whether it's in a bland state of nothingness, continual hostile     disagreements or simply going through the motions just to get by? Join us in a mini-session that will give you a unique blend of teaching from God's Word about common marriage issues as well as a safe place to anonymously ask your most pressing questions.
Truth Is, It’s Hard
Holly King
Every blended family has its own unique situations and challenges, and they are all hard. But God still has a plan for our families, for our good, and for His glory. This is my story from the perspective of a child in a blended family.
Growing Encouraged...Together
Linda Norton
Everyday life can be tough, especially for tweens in today's world. What does it look like to be God-minded in today's society? Learn how you can help girls in your circle of influence grow in their Christian character. Come join Linda and some of the girls in her middle-school Sunday School class as they share the thoughts, activities and ideas they have been learning from God's Word.

More Info

This is a special day designed for you. Please do not bring infants or young children as we do not have facilities set up for them, and we want you and others to be able to focus and enjoy the day. Thank you for your help in this area.
Our BOOK NOOK will be open during the day. Cash, checks and credit cards will be accepted.
Rachel Wojo will have her books One More Step and One Minute Devotions for Mothers plus multiple Bible reading plans and journals available for purchase.
If you have any questions, please contact Calvary Baptist Church at: 
Phone: 937-599-4775.