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mog21 - all things new

MOG21 Main Session Messages
Main Session #1 - Brian Hanson - Evangelism
MOG21 Breakout Seminars
Disciplining Your Life - Eric Cook

Men of God Conference was March 6, 2021

As new creations in Christ we are endowed with new reasons for living, new routines to grow into, new lenses to peer through, new motives to persist in and new assignments to accomplish. These are fulfilled through patiently studying God's word, mentoring our brothers in Christ, serving our churches faithfully, loving those we live with and practicing a life of self-discipline, rejecting sinful appetites and distractions.

All of these fall under the grander vision of Evangelism and Discipleship, about which we were glad to hear preaching from our friend in ministry, Brian Hanson.  Brian has served as a pastor and as a missionary over the years and loves sharing Christ with those he comes in contact with as well as discipling followers of Christ into a maturing faith. His ministry background brought exactly the kind of focus we were looking for in this year's Men of God Conference.


Men of God Conference 2022 is March 5 with guest speaker, Bruce Hooley. Look for our early bird deal to kick off January 1, 2022!