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Adult Book Reviews

Crisis, Advice, Study.  Perhaps there is help here.

New Additions to the Bookshelf

Title: The Flood

Featuring: Dr. Andrew Snelling
Age Group: Teens; Young Adults; Adults; Senior Saints
Category: Creation
Length: 55 minutes
Media: DVD


Geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling presents several lines of evidence that both confirm the biblical account of the global Flood, and cannot be explained by evolutionary models. From deep sea fossils high atop the Himalayas to the movement of the continents during the Flood, the big picture comes into sharp focus when you look through the lens of the Bible!



Author: C. S. Lewis
Age Group: Young Adults; Adults; Senior Saints
Category: Christian Life
Media: Book


“The reader should be warned that I offer no help to anyone who is hesitating between two Christian "denominations." You will not learn from me whether you ought to become an Anglican, a Methodist, a Presbyterian, or a Roman Catholic.” 
CS Lewis is not trying to convince the reader to be a part of a particular religion, only to point out the basics of Christianity. 
His argument can be related to racial issues of today as it was with the Nazis. 

If you were asked to describe the Christian faith in its simplest form, could you do it? Do you know what the basic elements of that faith are as shown throughout time? C.S. Lewis outlines these thoughts and others in his classic book on the defense of the Christian faith. This book will help you understand what unites Christians around the world no matter when or where they live.


Author: Gene Edward Veith Jr.  
Age Group: Young Adults; Adults 
Category: Christian Life
Media: Book


What am I supposed to do for my life’s work and how does being a Christian impact my occupation? This book by Gene Veith answers questions teens have by exploring the idea that the work we do day-to-day can be an act of worship to God. It pulls principles from Scripture and rich quotes from church leaders like Martin Luther who recognized that all areas of life can be a “ministry” unto the Lord. This book provides a foundation upon which teens can prepare for their future as workers, leaders, and citizens.