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Welcome to Calvary Library

A place to sit back and read about God.
That's a manual typewriter.


Welcome.  The Calvary Library has been a part of the church for at least 30 years.  At one time located in the foyer, it outgrew the room and moved to its current location at the end of the northwest hall.

The New Space



The CBC library has provided the resources for biblical study, material to research and develop lesson plans as well as an extensive source of good Christian reads.  With over 5000 books and 250 DVD/CD's you will easily find a subject to your liking. 

If study material is your aim, you'll find books by Josh McDowell, Charles Swindol, or Beth Moore.  Want a comfort food read, just an easy, enjoyable book?  CBC library has over 1000 novels by famous authors such as Randy Alcorn, Lynn Austin, or Kay Author.  Picture books for the very young are available that are sure to bring smiles to tiny toddlers on Mom or Dad's lap.  Teenagers will find appropriate material on current subjects for their generation.  And young readers will tap their imaginations with stories of knights and battles in Narnia.

Have you read any of the Naria books?  How about the Left Behind series?  C.S. Lewis has authored a number of critical reading texts. 

Why not check it out or sit back and read about God.