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Each week there will be groups of people meeting together for prayer, whether it takes place on Wednesday evenings, Saturday mornings or during our Sunday morning worship services or in LIFE Groups and Discipleship Classes and everywhere else . . . . we value prayer!

Not By Might is a group of prayer warriors that meets before our worship service on Sundays to pray for the ministries of Calvary, specifically the preaching and teaching of God's Word during the service. We pray the Holy Spirit moves in our hearts for conviction to live according to God's righteousness. It's also our prayer for all who attend our worship service to know the Lord Jesus in salvation.

On Wednesday evenings, our weekly prayer meeting begins at 7:00pm. We'll spend the time in a short Bible study lead by our pastor and then pray through our list of needs as presented on the prayer sheet each week. This is a special time to gather, quiet our hearts in prayer and learn to rely on God's providence in our lives.

A group of men meet for prayer over ZOOM at 7:00am every Saturday morning. Contact the church office if you would like the code to join their prayer meeting.