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Calvary Baptist Church exists to love and glorify God by encouraging believers to be like Jesus and by faithfully proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to our neighbors and around the world.

We gather for corporate worship of our great Creator God, our righteous Redeemer and Risen King, Jesus Christ, in whom we place all our hope and trust for this life and the next. We were purchased by Him with His blood and are His possession, earthen vessels for heavenly mission. Our weekly gatherings serve to remind and refresh our goal to share the Gospel with all those around us.

Worship reminds us that we're called to go and make disciples of all mankind, teaching and training men and women with the truth of the Gospel, so they can join us in worshiping our great God and King. We believe one of the primary missions of the church is discipleship, passing on the faith once delivered to those who  -being so moved by God's Spirit-  will carry on striving for that same faith. Ours is a mission that extends beyond our lifetime for the sake of the Gospel.

Making disciples implies convincing nonbelievers. How will anyone follow Jesus unless they are first told the Good News about Him? We're called to "go," and so we strive to be about our mission in sharing Christ with those whom God has placed in our lives. As our loving God has given us for an example, we wish that none should perish but that all would come to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. So we purpose as a church to engage with our community, lives that are shaped by the Gospel.

We invite you to click through the list of options in our "About Calvary" menu. You'll read a summary statement of our beliefs, meet those in leadership, find out what to expect when visiting as well as our service times during the week. You're also encouraged to connect with us if you have any questions or would like more information before visiting. Fill out the contact form below or call our offices at (937) 599-4775. We'd love to help you discover your place at Calvary.

Getting Connected

Service Times

9:15am - Discipleship Classes and Sunday School

10:30am - Morning Worship Service (live online)

6:45pm - Calstumi Kids and Calstumi

7:00pm - Prayer Meeting (childcare provided)