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Prayer Requests

We certainly wish to know about your prayer request.  We believe in the power of prayer and will pass your request on to our prayer warriors.  

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Millie, granddaughter of Beth M.
(submitted by Sandy on 7/26/2016 at 11:30 AM CST)
She has a high fever.
Joanne C.
(submitted by Sandy on 7/26/2016 at 11:29 AM CST)
She is home recovering from a stent.
George P. friend of Kathy M.
(submitted by Sandy on 7/26/2016 at 11:28 AM CST)
He is scheduled for extensive back surgery on July 26 and 28.
Jennifer B., niece of Paul P.
(submitted by Sandy on 7/19/2016 at 09:35 AM CST)
Jennifer is recovering from hip surgery.
Larry J., Bellefontaine
(submitted by Sandy on 7/13/2016 at 09:05 AM CST)
Larry will have hernia surgery on July 21.
Beth M. mother of Maria M.
(submitted by Sandy on 7/1/2016 at 09:52 AM CST)
Beth is struggling with a blood clot after surgery.
Maria M.
(submitted by Sandy on 7/1/2016 at 09:50 AM CST)
Maria has ongoing health problems. She is at home recovering from gallbladder surgery. She had an abnormal blood test.
Ron J. brother of Larry J., Bellefontaine
(submitted by Sandy on 6/21/2016 at 02:15 PM CST)
Ron was diagnosed with liver cancer. He will be having chemo every 3 three weeks.
Sharon M.
(submitted by Sandy on 6/9/2016 at 08:35 AM CST)
Sharon is at rehab in St. Mary's. Doctors are trying to regulate medicine for pain caused by shingles.
Bill B.
(submitted by Sandy on 5/31/2016 at 08:42 AM CST)
Bill has been diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal cancer. He will be admitted to the hospital for 6 weeks.
Janet F., Jim's sister
(submitted by Sandy on 5/18/2016 at 11:30 AM CST)
Janet may go home soon. She is having short term memory issues.
Rod C.
(submitted by Sandy on 5/5/2016 at 09:13 AM CST)
Rod has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He had his 4th round of chemo.
Jon W.
(submitted by Sandy on 5/5/2016 at 09:12 AM CST)
Doctors say to watch and wait concerning his cancer.
Marilyn M
(submitted by Sandy on 3/23/2016 at 07:44 AM CST)
Marilyn has moved to Campbell House.
Jim W.
(submitted by Sandy on 3/8/2016 at 09:55 AM CST)
Jim is at MRH with a blood clot.
Sue C.
(submitted by Sandy on 3/2/2016 at 07:57 AM CST)
Sue has pain in her hands caused by carpal tunnel.
Bill B.
(submitted by sandy on 5/6/2015 at 09:31 AM CST)
Bill is struggling with vision. He will go to oncologist on Aug. 20 to determine a treatment plan.
Melva R.
(submitted by calvary on 4/10/2015 at 08:12 AM CST)
Melva continues her battle with cancer.